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Life, Death and all between

Under ett upplopp organiserat av svart makt-gruppen “Black Lives Matter” tidigare i veckan omringades en polisbil i centrala Stockholm. Därpå svarade en av poliserna i bilen, Lisa Simonsson, med att ansluta till demonstranterna genom att gå ned på knä utanför bilen och hålla en knuten högernäve i luften – symbolen för den amerikanska svart makt-rörelsen […]

Source: Svart makt-polis JO-anmäls – Exakt24

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Comms, We See All, We Know All, [DS] In The Process Of Being Exposed – Episode 2193b

The patriots are now exposing the [DS]/MSM, the people need to see the truth, only then can change take place. The patriots just signaled the [DS] that we know all, we see all. This is part of the plan, this the GA and it is happening WW. The [DS]/MSM is now moving into the next phase, we knew this day would come, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.

You Can See The Economic Transition Happening In Real-Time – Episode 2193a

Behind the scenes the patriots are transitioning the economy from a [CB] globalist system into a people run system. Trump is making the rounds, removing tariffs, helping the industries that have been hurt by the [CB]/globalists. What we are witnessing is the great transition.