Mass Arrests & Executions


A list of 81 names of famous people who have been arrested or executed for crimes against humanity.…

How arrests are made.

Arrests are made by special teams of police officers, in plain civilian clothes. We saw Obama’s arrest. The arrest was made simply and quickly, so as not to be noticed by the public.

All the arrests of these people were made in this way. If the person is convicted of child trafficking, paedophilia, or crimes against humanity, he will be executed. If convicted of treason, they will be executed. Before the trial, if the person has evidence of someone else to help the operation, or is willing to help Trump and they want to work together and do things to let Trump get a possible life sentence, then they are allowed to do so if they have serious evidence.


Whistleblower Nurse: People Scared to Speak Out Against Covid Murders

Truth To Power

The ground breaking whistleblower interview with veteran nurse turned investigative journalist Erin Marie Olszewski, who exposed Covid-19 patients being purposefully murdered to boost numbers. The Hoax Pandemic Covid19 Is now the frontline weapon in the Globalist Cabal Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda! Next comes the neurotoxic, untested Covid vaccine to finish you off! For years, there has been a not-so-secret movement to implement mandatory vaccination in both the USA and abroad. And this movement has almost always been fueled by fear. Warning: strong language.

Link To Banned Video:

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Brilliant, Patriots In The Process Of Creating A Parallel Banking System – Episode 2197a

Trump and the patriots are busy building the main street economy. The [CB]/[DS] destroyed main street which allowed them to decimate the economy. Trump is now building a parallel economy, which includes building a parallel banking system. The breaking up the to big to fail is now happening. Optics are important, the Fed came out with their numbers and right on schedule Trump is reporting the economy will do better than what the [CB] has reported.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter & upplopp mitt i pandemin?

WakeUpGlobe SE

Vi tar en närmare titt på vad som egentligen sker kring George Floyd, Black Lives Matter och Antifa. Vad är det egentligen som ligger bakom den senaste tidens turbulens? Hur kan det ha gått från lockdown i kölvattnet av Corona till att stora protester plötsligt tillåts världen över? Internationell media som CNN stöttar dessutom protesterna trots att de bränner och förstör.
Vi går igenom en väldigt turbulent tid och det kommer antaligen bli mycket mer galenskap detta förändringens år 2020.
Det som är helt säkert är att det finns stora krafter som känner sig hotade och gör allt dom kan för att skapa kaos och genom det kaoset ta kontroll och begränsa vår frihet.
Dags att vakna och se bakom fasaden som alltmer spricker.

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