Patriots Are 5 Steps Ahead, People Are Beginning To See The Full Picture – Episode 2198b

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The people are now seeing the big picture, they understand the [DS]/MSM objective is, the see how they are using the virus event, how they are using the riots, the picture is being painted and more and more people are waking up, once awake they cannot be put back to sleep. The patriots knew all of this, they are 5 steps ahead .

There Is Only One Economic Message, “Transition To Greatness”- Episode 2198a

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Trump and the patriots are now pushing the economy forward. The great transition is underway, more deregulation coming, more tax cuts. The next phase will be talking about the infrastructure bill, creating jobs, building America back up again, creating industry to support the reconstruction.

Best of Order out of Chaos Decode. How the Elite Plans were Foretold in Pop Culture.


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