Manipulation Exposed, [DS] Panicking Over Barr/Durham Investigation – Episode 2227

The jobless rates are now down in 42 states and only up in 5 states. The economy is ready to push forward, what’s holding it back, the [DS] agenda. Housing starts gain steam. Trump just pushed the economy to the next level, 25000 regs have been removed, the old system is being cleared away. The [DS]/MSM have just lost the narrative, the truth about the pandemic numbers are now being revealed to the public. The [AS] and other corrupt politicians are now panicking, they don’t know what Durham and Barr are investigating. Q dropped some bread, the investigation moves forward and confirms the number are being manipulated.

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It Has Begun, People Are Demanding Change, Do You See What’s Happening – Episode 2226

The economic system is now starting to look like a V recovery, more and more people are going back to work and the first time jobless claims are dropping. June retails sales shot up by 7.5% surpassing the 5.2 percent expected. Homebuilder optimism explodes higher. The system is ready to push forward. The people did not have to pay interest on taxes, but the IRS has pay interest on returns. The [DS]/MSM narrative is falling apart. The Silent Majority is now speaking out, those who are tabulating the numbers are being questioned. People are now questioning the masks and Fauci says that he objects to a study to see if masks are effective. Trump and the patriots have goaded the [DS] into showing the people what they have planned.

Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel X22Report Spotlight

Please check for the latest news on the economic collapse. The Sentinel Alerts are updated throughout the day.

Demokratin är hotad, landet är i total otakt med folkviljan

Petterssons gör Sverige lagom!

DEMOKRATI. All offentlig makt i Sverige utgår från folket och riksdagen är folkets främsta företrädare. Det står i regeringsformen – den grundlag som utgör grunden för vår demokrati. Riksdagen har formulerat de övergripande målen för Sveriges säkerhet. Ett av dessa mål är att värna befolkningens liv och hälsa, ett annat att värna samhällets funktionalitet. Det tredje målet är att värna ”förmågan att upprätthålla grundläggande värden som demokrati, rättssäkerhet samt mänskliga fri- och rättigheter”.

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