Fight censorship, protect self online, CAD gov shuts down & sued,FB sued, learn discernment-E. April

3D to 5D Consciousness/Youtube

Watch the latest broadcast on the war between Light and Dark. I’m sharing the audience ways that the collective can fight back against censorship. It’s time for us to take action and no longer be complacent watching youtube videos. We need to make a clear stance against the Dark ETs, we are not going to accept their tyranny. I’m sharing coverage that the Canadian government is being sued by the people, and Trudeau has also closed down the government until October. Facebook is also facing lawsuits. The Light is winning more and more, as human trafficking down by 96%, Manhattan New York is out of business, the old world is crumbing right before our eyes. The first indictment has already been unsealed, former FBI Kevin Cline Smith charged and will plead guilty. I’m exposing another False Light, a response to Elizabeth April character assassination attempt on my last message about her work.

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Lennart Matikainen ”Hur mår Sverige?” – konferens i Göteborg

Lyssna på Lennarts lärorika föreläsning! Fundera över situationen i Sverige och kanske kan du själv bidra med något för att förändra situationen i Sverige?

Paneldiskussion med Lennart Matikainen, Mikael Jansson och Markus Jonsson – konferens i Göteborg:

Markus Jonsson ”En ny väg framåt!” – konferens i Göteborg:

Mikael Jansson – konferens i Göteborg: