Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts
Helolatino https://youtu.be/d1KO18LYRS8

Gateway Pundit Article: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020…

Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood/ OAN Mind Map Channel https://youtu.be/Hc4KBevwFHg

Palmes Personakt & SÄPO — Carl Norberg – Palanthir

Som sagt, det säger vad det säger. expressen.se Olof Palmes personakt försvunnen – Säpo kan ha eldat upp den 


Palmes Personakt & SÄPO — Carl Norberg – Palanthir

China update, Trump & GAVI, Tesla Towers, Moon Rusting, Mass arrest update, Trump’s weapon, & More

3D to 5D Consciousness

It’s not looking good for China, in fact things are looking worse and worse, first it was the 3 Gorges damn, now they have typhoons. I’m providing update and insights on Trump and him pulling funding from GAVI. The Tesla Towers are being erected in Texas. I’m covering the moon rusting and sharing Stanley Kubrick’s confession on faking the moon landing. Trump’s got a secret weapon for preparing for mass arrest. Ending the broadcast on porn addiction and sexuality from a 5D perspective.