The Evil Bush Family☠️

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

1. Preston Bush helped fund Hitler and WW2.
2. George H. W. Bush was involved in JFK’s Assassination.
3. Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley’s daughter.
4. Bush Family were members of Skull and Bones secret society.
5. George Bush was responsible for 9/11.
6. Jenna Bush shapeshifting on live television.

Preston Bush Funded Hitler…
JFK’s Murder…
Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley… Skull and Bones…
George Bush and 9/11…

Jenna Bush Shapeshifting Again! marinodelfino: Jenna Bush hologram failure on live TV again. A great reptilian shapeshifter catch! These holographic anomalies are worth to watch. Reptilian Jenna went through a few holographic distortions along with the clip…


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