Google sued, The Great Reset, Biden sold out CIA assets, Terrorist Attacks in France, AG Barr, C.Wray & Hunter Biden’s power deals

Get ready for an explosive broadcast. Prominent Youtubers are suing Google for massive purging of Alternative media channels. I’m going to cover the Great Reset plan exposed by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. More crimes committed by the Biden’s being exposed, this time he sold out CIA assets. The Deep State Democrat’s are at it again with their false flag terror attacks, this time in Nice, France. AG Barr, Christoper Wray and Hunter Biden were all involved in power deals involving the Chinsse and Russians. Just when the world can’t get anymore crazier, we now come to find out AG Barr is a deep state demon rat. That’s why he’s done nothing after a 1000 page report full of evidences was submitted and it’s been collecting dust for over a year.

Important links to check out for research

Biden sold out CIA assets

AG Barr, Hunter Biden and Christoper Wray Power Deals exposed


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