De livsnödvändiga relationerna


I detta sjunde specialavsnitt samtalar Alexander och Lennart om ett återkommande ämne, nämligen (mänskliga) relationer av olika slag. Relationer är ju så mycket mer än bara en interaktion eller ett utbyte, det är även vårt sätt att förstå omvärlden och därigenom oss själva. Alla människor har ju blivit födda av andra människor, dvs av biologiska föräldrar i någon mån. Därför finns det ingen människa som inte har en relation av något slag (inte ens en eremit).

Men varför är relationerna så avgörande för vår hälsa och vårt välmående? Varför har folk i dessa dagar så trasiga relationer och vad kan man själv göra för att förbättra/reparera de relationer man har.
Dessa är några utav de frågor som de försöker besvara i dagens program.

Trump Charges Podesta, Abedin with Treason and Crimes Against Children

By Michael Baxter

On Easter Sunday Donald J. Trump invoked the Insurrection and Patriot Acts to order the arrest of two of Hillary Clinton’s co-conspirators, John Podesta, her former campaign manager, and Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former political advisor and alleged lover.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s agenda to overthrow the Deep State and return America to the people provided RRN exclusive details on the shocking arrests.

At noon Sunday, Donald J. Trump contacted Gen. Richard D. Clarke, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and asked that two Special Forces teams launch simultaneous incursions against Podesta, at his Friendship Village home in MD., and Abedin at her parents’ house near Lansing, MI.

“Trump obtained valid intelligence proving that they’d be at those locations. He picked Easter Sunday because, he felt, it was the best day to catch them in a lull.  Podesta was at home with his wife, and Abedin having Easter lunch at her parents. Why Huma, a Muslim, was celebrating Easter we don’t know. But Trump trusted the intel,” our source said.

At 2:00 p.m., one Special Forces Detachment surveilled the Abedin home in the Old Everett subdivision of Lansing. As the family inside the home enjoyed a cooked goose dinner, elements of the 3rd Special Forces Group stealthily approached the 5,000 sq. ft. villa and readied an assault.

“From what we know, part of the team took up sniper positions near the front door, while others breached the rear and hurled flashbang grenades into the house, stunning and deafening everyone inside. Abedin’s parents collapsed in fear, while Huma started grousing about how she was protected and they couldn’t do this to her. They shackled her. They told the parents to keep quiet or else they’d be next,” our source said.

Special Forces took Abedin to a secure holding facility in south Florida, our source added.

A parallel infiltration in Maryland surprised Podesta and his wife, Mary. Unlike the Abedins, the Podestas had hired private security to defend their estate, but Special Forces silently subdued two armed guards who were patrolling the perimeter of the Podestas’ mansion.

When Special Forces stormed the house, interrupting the Podestas’ meal, John Podesta reportedly dropped to his knees and began sobbing and quaking like an animal, crying out, “Oh, God, please no. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“The cowardly criminal’s crimes finally caught up with him. He knew what was coming and broke down in tears. The Special Forces guys took him and his wife. Because apparently she is complicit in his crime, and she could’ve warned the others, the ones who are next. This is a major blow to the Deep State’s morale. Soon, their crimes will be laid bare,” our source said.

Specific charges against Abedin and Podesta are detailed on sealed indictments in Trump’s possession. Trump has charged both Podesta and Abedin with treason, not to mention crimes against countless children. Our source said the exact nature of those crimes will remain confidential until Abedin and Podesta stand before their respective military tribunals to answer for horrific charges so shocking, they could rip open the fabric of society.

“The military will decide their fate, as it will Hillary’s,” our source said.

Hillary Clinton’s military tribunal is scheduled for April 8, at GITMO.

Source: Real Raw News