Military Arrests James Comey

The U.S. military has arrested disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior, Real Raw News has learned.

Donald J. Trump greenlit the Tuesday morning raid on Comey’s lavish, suburban home after speaking to Marine Corps Col. John Lynch, commanding officer of the Marine Raider regiment at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Col. Lynch committed at least two 4-man squads to the mission, said a confidential source involved in Trump’s quest to depose Joseph Biden and restore America to the people.

On Tuesday at about 3:00 a.m., U.S. Marines operating on Donald Trump’s authority stormed Comey’s seven-bedroom, 10,700-sqaure-foot mansion in McClean, Virginia. Although most operational details are classified, our source said Raiders surprised Comey, who was half-asleep in bed, and apprehended him after he reached for a pistol underneath a pillow. Before he could palm the weapon, a Marine charged forward and struck Comey’s forehead with the butt of his rifle, rendering Comey unconscious…..

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Source: Real Raw News

Delta Force Guarding Mar-a-Lago, Trump — Real Raw News

Delta Force operators have been protecting Donald J. Trump and his Mar-a-Lago command center since the end of March, Real Raw News can now report.

On March 10, Trump learned the Secret Service agents assigned to safeguard him had colluded with members of the Biden administration, leaking details on how he and his loyal councilors planned to invalidate the 2020 election.  A source in Trump’s orbit told RRN that Stephen K. Bannon uncovered the insidious plot, and that Bannon gave Trump the names of two agents who had siphoned top-secret data from the Mar-a-Lago computer network and sent it to Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Advisor.

“Bannon told Trump not to trust any Secret Service anymore. Trump, though, had the foresight to predict the digital intrusion. He had planted fake plans in the computer just in case Biden’s people somehow accessed it,” our source said.

Delta Force Guarding Mar-a-Lago, Trump — Real Raw News

PCR-test inför domstol – advokater stämmer! (av Ivo Sasek) — Bakom kulisserna

Tryck på svensk översättning! 19.04.2021 | I mitt senaste klipp, ”Death countdown is running!“ (, varnade jag världens befolkning för den oerhörda försumligheten i denna hastigt utlösta Covid-vaccinationskampanj. Och det beror på att de nya RNA-vaccinerna inte genomgick alla sen länge gällande obligatoriska tester. Hur som helst, inom några dagar efter mitt varningstal översvämmades vi av […]

PCR-test inför domstol – advokater stämmer! (av Ivo Sasek) — Bakom kulisserna