Trump Vows to Free Imprisoned Supporters — Real Raw News

Donald J. Trump has vowed to free 500 of his supporters who have been wrongfully imprisoned for allegedly storming the Capitol building on Jan 6. Per sources involved in Trump’s Deep State purge, less than a handful of those 500 had entered the building, and Capitol police had graciously granted entry to those few. Nonetheless, Biden’s ‘criminal’ justice department has waged a war of attrition against law-abiding Trump supporters and God-fearing American patriots.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump and his inner circle discussed on a private conference call the Biden regime’s incessant war on freedom. Stephen Miller and Stephen K. Bannon, both of whom have been operating behind the scenes, expressed dismay that the FBI and ATF were still conducting “secret arrests” on innocent conservatives who had no link or only a tangential link to the events that transpired on Jan 6.

As of this writing, the Biden regime is holding 500 Trump supporters in “pre-trial detainment” at six clandestine confinement centers—concentration camps—in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. Biden’s ineffectual attorney general, Merrick Garland, has labeled them domestic terrorists and is indefinitely detaining them under provisions outlined in the Patriot Act. The detained have been denied bail, visitations, and basic rights given to convicted murders. […]

Trump Vows to Free Imprisoned Supporters – Real Raw News


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