Obama’s Adrenochrome Birthday Bash — Real Raw News

By now the world is aware of Obama’s super-spreader birthday bash, a lalapalooza of a party where 200-300 maskless guests—scaled down from a potential 1,000—tore up the dance floor to the smooth sounds of Deep State operatives Jay-Z and Beyonce. What the public has not seen, however, is what happened in private bedrooms and dimly lit corridors of the Obamas luxurious estate on Martha’s Vineyard—celebrities and the political elite injecting Adrenochrome into one another.

A whistleblower wishing to remain anonymous, but whose credentials Real Raw News has verified, said attendees of Obama’s 60th birthday bash had to sign a prohibitive non-disclosure agreement forbidding them from sharing knowledge of party antics with the public. Persons refusing to sign the document were denied entry, our source said.

Once inside, however, guests were treated to visceral delights, live Deep State music, and Adrenochrome injections. The Adrenochrome flowed like cheap liquor, our source said.

Periodically throughout the night, a stocky man in a black suit and carrying a chrome metal case meandered about the crowd, asking guests if they wished to enjoy complimentary party favors. The case held syringes, our source said.


Obama’s Adrenochrome Birthday Bash — Real Raw News