Military Arrests Andrew Cuomo — Real Raw News

Disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo is in military custody and will face a military tribunal for his role in coercing NY State health officials to artificially inflate Covid-19 fatality numbers during the initial wave of the Plandemic.

On Sunday, August 15, U.S. Navy Seals under JAG authority arrested Cuomo at property he leases in East Hampton, NY. A JAG spokesperson told RRN that the SEALS suffered no casualties but had to subdue two of Cuomo’s bodyguards, both of whom the SEALs incapacitated using non-lethal force.

The pre-dawn raid caught Cuomo, who was asleep in bed, by surprise; reportedly, he muttered “oh, fuck” when he opened his eyes and saw 6 heavily armed SEALs leering down at him. The SEALS restrained Cuomo in zip cuffs, escorted him outdoors and pushed him into an unmarked van, our source said.

“He’s been taken to a military holding facility until he’s transported to GITMO,” our source added.

Military Arrests Andrew Cuomo — Real Raw News borta från webben — NewsVoice

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