Giant credit bubble about to burst!

Peter B. Meyer, 5 juli 2022

The Cabal party is over and done with!
The public understanding of fraud has not even been awakened yet
An economy based on debt needs more and more debt-money
Financial bubble grown exponentially
Russia bought gold

The scam is embedded in the balance sheet expansion

The world is in a structural depression and will remain so. All the money injected has not ended the financial crisis, although it has not hurt the economy as such, it has only affected asset and property prices.

No credit-based money system has ever survived an entire credit cycle, and this one will be no exception. The bubble created by this generation’s unprecedented spending spree could not be sustained because the people who were first encouraged to spend are now saving. Worse still, they are no longer borrowing for major purchases; the very action that most affected spending. Like all bubbles, this one must burst!

The Cabal party is over and done with!

The world’s three major central banks – the US, Europe and Japan – have embarked on a huge financial experiment. They have created a gigantic amount of money out of thin air and used it to buy staggering amounts of government debt. The US central bank holds a stack of bonds equal to 20% of US gross domestic product (GDP). The Japanese central bank’s debt is 40% of GDP. Europe’s central bank holds bonds worth nearly $4 trillion, or more than 25% of its GDP.

Total world debt including derivatives is more than 1 quadrillion (1015)! What is certain is that there is no way out of this debt mess. When the financial system collapses, nothing will change in the real world. No property, land, factories or human being will disappear, just because trillions of debt slavery instruments called US Dollars, Euros, Yen, etc. are erased from bank computers. There will be forces to restart the system based on a people-controlled substitute called QFS, owned by and for the people and not by banks.


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