FBI’s Forgotten History Of Covert Propaganda And Political Interference


A U.S. Senate report released in 1976 tells of the FBI’s forgotten history of covert propaganda and political interference and how they are allowed to covertly commit otherwise illegal activity.

The FBI and other law enforcement organizations have historically used corrupt and potentially lethal covert tactics, although many people may not be aware of this. There hasn’t been much if any, discussion of this potentially fatal corruption among especially covert law enforcement organizations like the FBI and perhaps even local police, which may be done on purpose.

People in local and federal governments probably don’t want Americans to know about their covert and secretive activities.

Some of these unethical covert or covert acts by the FBI and other law enforcement, intelligence, and police organizations are described in a U.S. Senate report (pdf below). Although the 1976 U.S. Senate report cannot be fully described in this article, there is reason to suspect that corruption has increased rather than decreased since that time. The examples in the report may not be the absolute worst, but they should still be considered.

A concerned citizen may want to consider whether events in the news are real, false information and propaganda, or hoaxes propagated by the FBI or possibly even local police entities after reading this article’s description of some of that corruption, particularly the use of covert propaganda and potentially lethal tactics. It could be interesting to consider the types of cutting-edge, remote and covert surveillance and torture technologies and tactics that such entities might employ.


Källa: FBI’s Forgotten History Of Covert Propaganda And Political Interference


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