What Happens When Assets Are Removed? Exposing The Criminal Syndicate, Define Traitor – Ep. 2737

The people see the [CB] and the Biden administration making the economic situation worse, instead of helping alleviate the problem they are adding to it. The globalist are trapped by what Putin has done. The Fed is now accelerating their plan to raise rates. The [DS] is being exposed, the Hunter Biden laptop will not go away and it is now implicating the Biden family in criminal activity with foreign nations. Trump has not trapped the [DS] players. They are trying to fight back by going after Trump and others via the J6 fake investigation, this will not end well for them. The patriots are now in the process of removing all assets leaving the [DS] defenseless. The traitors will be brought to justice.

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House Cleaning In Progress, Final Stage, The Entire World Is Watching – Ep. 2736

Inflation is not the same as in 70s, people are not seeing their wages increase which helps during these periods of times. The peoples wages are not keeping up this time around. Russia makes a move, will now start pegging their currency to gold. The world is now going through a major house cleaning. The nazis, biolabs, money laundering and [DS] players are being removed, the [DS] is being exposed right in front of the entire world. The world is watching the destruction of the old guard. The evidence is being brought out into the open, it will start tying all of these players together and it will show just how evil they truly are. We are now in the final stage.

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Ep. 2735b – Maximum Transparency, Indictments Coming, Who Has Full Control?

The [DS] is now being brought to where the patriots want them. With each lie, with each censorship, the narrative will be impossible to maintain. The people are now seeing the truth, Trump and the patriots are in control. Soon there will be maximum transparency, the people will see all the crimes. The [DS] is now being eradicated, soon the [DS] and the D’s will cease to exist.  

Ep 2734b – Trump Sues [HRC] & The [DS], How Do You Introduce Evidence Legally, Define Treason

 The [DS] is trapped in their own narrative, each time they make a move the patriots counter it and expose the agenda. Trump is now suing [HRC] and the [DS] players. They are now panicking. How do you introduce evidence legally, define treason. The [DS] players are trying to start WWIII, but this will fail the patriots are in control and will counter the [DS] plan. The push into a new world order is not happening, the push into a peoples controlled country is actually happening.

Posted on March 24, 2022

X-22 rapporten 21/3 – Lasse Wikman — Tankar i samtiden och för framtiden

De korrupta politikerna och bankfolket samt den djupa staten har det mycket besvärligt, då det visade sig, att allt det sagt, är en enda stor lögn.  

Det som gör allt så skrämmande är, att väldigt många trodde de talade sanning då de förklarade att den laptop som kommit att bli ”högvilt” inte var Hunter Bidens.

Dessutom att underrättelsetjänster intygat att det verkligen inte var Hunter Bidens laptop.

Allt detta hände före presidentvalet 2020.  

T o m när Donald Trump blev intervjuad i tvprogrammet 60 minuters, sade journalisten att det finns inga bevis på att det är Hunter Bidens laptop.  […]

X-22 rapporten 21/3 – Lasse Wikman — Tankar i samtiden och för framtiden