Daily Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

–I am a magnet for money.
–Money enters my life in both expected and unexpected ways.
–My life is full of abundance.
–I am always on the hunt for making more money.
–I enjoy my wealth and all my luxuries.
–I envision an endless supply of money and good fortunes.
–I am forever grateful of my abundance.
–I make money effortlessly.
–My life is much better because of my money.
–I am incredibly wise with my money.
–I enjoy the art of making money.
–Money gives me the power to help my loved ones.
–Financial opportunities constantly knock at my door.
–I have the energy to attract more money.
–My actions have a direct impact on my bank accounts.
–My day is never complete without thinking about money.
–Money is the source of my comfort and happiness.
–Money is the driving force that keeps me moving forward.
–I am the master of my money.
–I am always charitable with my money.
–I enjoy helping my loved ones with my endless wealth.
–I find value in everything that I do.
–I am an efficient earner of money.
–I take good care of my money.
–I spend my money in ways that fulfill my needs.
–Wealth pours in from multiple sources.
–I am never without money.
–I am thankful for my prosperity.

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